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この項には、あまり期待しないで下さい。 USA に何か良い情報でもあるかな?と思って E-Mail で当ってみたのですが「そうは上手い話は転がっていなかった」というだけですから・・・勿論、Brad Nauss Automotive に「部品の購入の e-mail をすれば」喜ぶでしょう。

最悪でも、少し手間ひま掛かっても( 梱包や輸送に )Gastankrenu に送れば 1 月掛らずに元に戻る事が分かったので、安心して DS 23 を楽しみましょう。 でも、私は自分が良ければ・・・と言うつもりで、 この BLOG を書いている訳ではないのです。皆さんのご理解は得られていると思いますが・・・

Dear Mr. Brad Nauss.
I am a citroen DS 23 '74 owner and now writing about my WEBER Carburetor in my Citroen DS Blog, ( citroends. exblog. jp/)
There is rusty powder in the carburetor's chamber and may be much in the fuel tank.
Now I want to get some informations about how to get the usefull way to do or new rebuilt tank etc..
With my best Regards,
Takashi HA.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your e mail.
Regarding the rusty powder in your carb, you are absolutely correct....the fuel tank is rusted inside.
Any part of the fuel tank that is above the level of the fuel, is subject to condensation of moisture, and the rust that you are speaking of. This is why it is always good to store a car with the fuel tank as full as possible.
Also, many people flush the old fuel from the tank, then think the problem is solved. However, the surface rust inside on the top of the fuel tank will continue to cause the rusty powder till the tank is repaired. This rust is so fine that most filters will NOT stop it from going into the fuel pump and carb. This is very bad on the fuel pump also.
For fuel tanks......I do not know of a supplier of new tanks. Perhaps some day this will happen in Europe.
For now, I recommend taking the tank out and cleaning the rust ( chemicals available, or Radiator shop ). then you must seal the inside of the tank to prevent further rust. There are chemicals sold for this ( advertisers in Hemmings Motor News ).
Another very good solution is a company called GasTank Renu. They have franchises in many states and other countries. They sand blast the inside and outside of the tank, repair any rust, and then coat the inside and outside with a sealer that is baked on and guaranteed for life.
Think their web site is gastankrenu.com.
I hope this helps,
Best wishes.

Thanks, Brad Nauss

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Dear Takashi,
Thank you for your e mail.
You have permission to copy my reply to your blog.
Almost all Citroen DS in the USA which has been stored without use for any long period of time have the problem with rusty tank. This is common on ALL makes of cars which have been stored, not just Citroen.
As far as questions.....please note that I normally do everything I can to answer questions of my customers.
I will be glad to try to help any of yours with parts needs.......have them contact me directly.
Best wishes, glad you are still enjoying your Citroen DS !!!

Brad Nauss.
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